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Embrace Diversity and Resilience

In "You're Pretty for a Black Girl," join Lacey, a vibrant girl from Washington, DC, whose life takes an unexpected turn when her family relocates to Georgia. Facing microaggressions and a lack of familiarity, Lacey navigates her new environment, offering a poignant exploration of resilience and self-acceptance. This captivating children's book becomes a valuable resource for parents, fostering empathy and understanding through open dialogues about racism and discrimination. With beautiful watercolor illustrations, Lacey's experiences come to life, empowering young readers to embrace their unique identities.

Embark on a Magical Journey of Self-Discovery with "Empress of Coils":


Join 10-year-old Kendolyn as she grapples with self-perception, particularly her coily hair. In her quest for the perfect birthday gift, she stumbles upon a mysterious book that unfolds a magical adventure. As the story unfolds, Kendolyn discovers the profound history embedded in her hair, supported by both her community and the empowering spirits of historic queens. Tameka Warfield from Los Angeles calls it a "Fantabulous Book," and E. Danielle Butler, CEO of EvyDani Books, praises its empowering narrative. Dive into this enchanting tale by clicking here and discover the transformative magic of coily hair.

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