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New Release


Breaking Stereotypes, Redefining Beauty - Because Every Girl is Simply Beautiful.

You're Pretty for a Black Girl

Discover a transformative journey with Lacey in our latest children's book — "You're Pretty for a Black Girl." Uncover the beauty beyond stereotypes and celebrate the uniqueness in every girl.

"You're Pretty for a Black Girl" isn't just a highly recommended read; it's an endorsement of literary excellence. A masterpiece that captivates, educates, and resonates—a celebration of empowerment and the enduring beauty embedded in every narrative, making it a timeless treasure for readers of all ages.

About the Book



Step into the extraordinary world of 'You're Pretty for a Black Girl,' where Lacey's journey unfolds with resilience, courage, and the celebration of diversity. As she faces microaggressions in a new town, the book becomes a powerful tool for parents to engage in vital conversations with their children about racism and acceptance.

The Essence:

This isn't just a narrative; it's an exploration of the extraordinary journey undertaken by Lacey. Her adventures through the vibrant streets of Washington, DC, and the unforeseen twists that follow in Georgia reveal a story that mirrors the collective experiences of many.

Why This Tale Matters:

Lacey's narrative is a tapestry woven with threads of microaggressions, resilience, and the celebration of diversity. It's an invaluable asset for sparking conversations with children about complex topics, fostering understanding, empathy, and a sense of acceptance.

Visual Poetry:

Explore the pages adorned with beautiful watercolor illustrations that breathe life into Lacey's world. The visual elements complement the poignant narrative, creating an immersive experience for both young readers and those who guide them.

For Parents and Educators:

As parents and educators, you play a vital role in shaping perspectives. "You're Pretty for a Black Girl" is designed to be more than just a story; it's a tool. A tool for sparking meaningful conversations, encouraging empathy, and cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity.

Join the Conversation:

Beyond the pages, this book is a catalyst for dialogue. Share your thoughts, experiences, and insights as we collectively navigate the intricacies of microaggressions, diversity, and the strength found in unity.

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